RTA (Ready To Assemble) VS Preassembled 

RTA VS Preassembled

What is RTA (Ready To Assemble)

 Ready To Assemble cabinetry or RTA cabinetry for short, comes with all the cabinet pieces, accessories, hardware, and instructions for assembly and installation. For homeowners or contractors that need the product as soon as possible, RTA may be the option since they are almost always in stock and ready to be shipped right away. If budget is a concern for the project, RTA being more affordable than preassembled might be the choice for you.

Pros of RTA

 Some of the benefits of RTA may be: Cheaper cost than preassembled cabinets, shorter shipping time compared to preassembled, since parts are unassembled it can be shipped in flat packages which saves a lot on shipping costs. Since RTA are packaged in flat shipping boxes, they are able to be transported by one person.

Cons of RTA

Some of the cons of the RTA may be: More time to assemble the cabinets, shipped in multiple boxes which lead to confusion or losing parts, since assembly must be done on job site, there will be more labor cost, more time into the schedule, planning out the project perfectly to avoid any overlaps.

What is Preassembled

Preassembled cabinetry or also known as assembled cabinetry, or ready to install, will arrive fully assembled and ready for installation. Cabinets will be assembled by trained professional craftsmen who have access to all the proper tools and materials in the factory. Assembled cabinets can be more durable than RTA cabinets due to them being built in a professional setting with strict quality controls in place for every step of the assembly process.

Pros of Preassembled

 Some of the benefits of preassembled may be: Shipped completely assembled, ready to be installed as soon as the arrival. No issues involving missing pieces or improper onsite assembly. Save time on assembling the cabinetry. 

Cons of Preassembled

Some of the cons of the preassembled may be: Cost of assembled cabinets are much higher than RTA due to time and labor. Since the cabinetry is already built out, the shipping cost will be dramatically higher than flat packaged RTA. The lead time for preassembled will also be longer than RTA. Since the cabinetry will be preassembled, moving and/or fitting the preassembled cabinetry through rooms may be challenging and will require help.

Which is right for you

 Depending on if time or cost is the more important factor in your project, RTA for more cost-saving on the product, while preassembled for more time-saving on the project.